Using Github to deploy your Static Website.

How to run your static web pages using Github.

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Github
  4. Javascript
  5. Jekyll


  1. Ruby
  2. Ruby DevKit
  3. Jekyll
  4. Syntax Highlighters (Optional)

For windows:

  1. Follow to the website below
    Click here
    -> Click on "Get Started" and follow the given instructions
    ** Checklist on this pages
  2. Setting up git
  3. Create a folder with any name on your computer and place all your HTML and CSS pages and scripts in that folder. Push these HTML and CSS file to your repository. Open any browser and run "". Enjoy your webpage.
  4. Useful commands for Jekyll.

    jekyll build
    jekyll build --watch
    jekyll build -w
    jekyll serve
    jekyll serve --watch
    jekyll serve -w